Fawn Girl!

Last weekend I went out with some friends to do a shoot in the mountains and we were lucky to find a spot with some snow and ice! We wanted to create an image based on the Fawn Girl art piece created by J. Scott Campbell ( one of my favorite comic artists ).

Chubear Cosplay as the Fawn Girl!

Chubear Cosplay as the Fawn Girl!

We didn't want to try an recreate the image exactly, instead be inspired by it and come up with our own version. I think the image turned out pretty well and I really do love it a lot!

Chubear Cosplay created the horns and had help from Reilena Cosplay to apply the body paint all over. ( She was still covered and not nude during any part of this shoot )

There are some people who have made comments about a doe not having antlers. To those comments I leave the remarks below ;]

A. Some white tailed doe can grow antlers ( although rare ) along with female caribou

B. We used antlers in keeping with the theme from the J. Scott Campbell piece ( I believe he used antlers in his image to have it feel more like a deer )


This piece is just meant to be enjoyed for what it is. Hopefully you see it as majestic and beautiful as we do! =]

Here is another image, just a closer portrait of the same Fawn Girl-

Closer portrait of Fawn Girl-

Closer portrait of Fawn Girl-