Recent life updates!

Hey gang, just wanted to jump in here and give a few updates since I have been so quiet for a little while.

For starters, in case anyone does not already know, I took over and now own Wonderland Studios! I have been there since the beginning of July and it has just been a dream come true! There previous owner and good friend, Cheri, still works there but is now focused solely on creating corsets and outfits that are still all located at the studios :] Come by and visit or book time, it's right by Disneyland in Anaheim, CA!

Now, the other major things that have happened to me and my family recently are not so good. I recently lost my dog Jini, on August 3rd, to old age. She lived a long life, almost 15 years in fact, but she was my first dog ever so it hurt very much to have her leave. She is part of my heart, like my child, and I will never forget her.

To make things even worse, my other baby Isabelle, was very depressed over her passing and wouldn't eat much and became very lethargic. Turns out, she wasn't just depressed, but actually got very sick. 

I had to take her in to an emergency clinic to have surgery that very night to save her life. They had to remove organs and she had to spend over a week at the hospital getting day and night care and treatment. All of this has obviously caused me a ton of grief and stress and I am still trying to get through it.

This is pretty much why I have been missing and so out of it. I am doing the best I can for myself, my family and trying to nurse Isabelle back into good shape.

To try and help recover from the devastating medical bills I am offering more services and products than I ever have. My art books will go back on sale, and new ones will be made as soon as possible. They can be ordered online or in person at my studio. 

As for prints, I am opening up almost any image I have to be sold as a print or on canvas! Send me the image or screenshot of what you want and it will be done! ( Some images are being licensed to people and will be unavailable but I will inform you when you contact me ).

Booking for shoots! I will now also take limited slots to shoot you in my studio! I will be charging $250 per hour to shoot, and you will get 3 fully edited images! ( Doing beauty style edits for now, non composite work ). If you have any questions on this, please feel free to message me!

Thank you to all my friends who have supported me and been helping me through these rough times, I appreciate it more than you will ever know!