Welcome to 2016 everyone! WOOT!

Can't believe another year has already gone by! So fast, wow!

Alright, well diving right in, for those of you that don't know I have released a 2015 Collected Art Magazine which features most of my fantasy and cosplay work from last year! The video below shows just a few seconds of me flipping through a sample!

The magazine has 156 pages and each page is a full image, corner to corner! It is very minimalistic with text, only there on the page corners to show the model/cosplayer names and what they are representing.

This also has every image from the Flower Soup series as well as the Classic Disney series, up to date as of December 2015!

You can find this product by clicking on the PRINT STORE link on this website! Hope you all enjoy it and lets make 2016 a great year!