Flower Soup

Flower Soup. Wow. Ok, where to begin. Well this all took place a few months ago when it was brought up to me by my friend Rachel, who asked me if I would even be interested in shooting a water themed shoot. Of course I said yes, and I love challenges but I did express to her that I had never done a shoot like this before and that it would all be a new learning experience for me. She said lets do it, I said lets do it, and here we are.

Jess showing Rachel how things are going so far!

Jess showing Rachel how things are going so far!

Our first attempt was when we had to learn and figure out our logistics with the shoot ( lighting, water temperature, controlling the fog, shooting positions, etc ) and we got it down pretty quick working together as a team!







Above are 2 images from our first attempt together!

After that first attempt we knew we were on to creating something that was truly magical and decided we need another go at this so we invited a few more of our friends for our second session!

Collage of everyone from our second set in the Flower Soup series!

Collage of everyone from our second set in the Flower Soup series!

The above image is a small collage of some of the shots I took from the second photo shoot we did of this Flower Soup series! For this set we specifically had each person choose their own theme and story to bring to life!

I am still amazed and grateful when I look at these images, that I was able to work with such talented people and be a part of something truly special! 

As for the Flower Soup series, is it done and over? I can say for certain HECK NO. I will be working with my friends to come up with more from this series so stay tuned!

You can find the gallery for the Flower Soup series at the top navigation bar, located under SPECIAL SHOOTS!

Credits to all those involved below :

Reilena Cosplay

Jessica Dru

Chubear Cosplay

Sushi Monster


Eve Beauregard

Firefly Path

And last but not least my good friend Chris Mandeville who happens to be the world's Ultimate Handler-Chan!

Extra POST!

Below is an image of my friend Eve Beauregard who got to be a part of this series but I mention it because it went down slightly differently than the rest! She was actually in town only for a few days before she had to head back to 'STRAYA' and wanted to be a part of this set! I got the call from JoEllen of Firefly Path and we made it happen 2 days later. We didn't have our complete crew as everyone was already pre-occupied and this was an 'Emergency Soup' shot ( haha ) so JoEllen rushed everything and was able to bring it all together for the shoot in ONE DAY! Along with making the outfit you see on Eve in the image! CRAZY! 

Due to the nature of the shoot we had to shoot outside, which was rough and caused more complications as well as Eve having to do this in cold water ( no water heater nearby to help this time ) while she had a cold.

The reason I wrote about her experience in a little more detail is because of the fact that I want it to be shown that these guys work hard, SUPER HARD in trying to work with me and come up with something great. I respect that. I respect all these people. I love them all and always will.

Eve Beauregard as a magical mermaid

Eve Beauregard as a magical mermaid